As months of hard work start taking a toll on you and your energy and motivation levels are not getting any higher, you should take a step back, book a few days on a luxury getaway, spoil yourself as a reward for your hard work and restore your energy for an amazing comeback.
Every vacation like this has a full to-do list with things that every traveler would like to enjoy. A relaxing swim during the hot summer months, a delicious fulfilling meal, a refreshing drink, maybe some dancing, and the gain of new experiences in places that will remain unforgettable.
While trying to figure out which place that can put a tick in all of those boxes in the to-do list, don’t forget to look up Mykonos. Mykonos is worldwide known for the unforgettable experiences it can provide travelers with, apart from the alluring beaches and delicious authentic Greek food, tourists can have an amazing time in front of some of the most breathtaking views in the world. Thus, let me introduce you to the most appropriate spot for such a view: 180˚SUNSET BAR!
180˚ Sunset Bar is located in the Chora, the center of Mykonos. It is approximately 3 km away from the main port of the island, an eight-minute drive away, or a beautiful 15 minute walk from the old port up through the traditional picturesque narrow alleys with the characteristic white and blue elements in the classic houses giving the whole authentic Cycladic Myconian experience.
180˚ Sunset Bar is purposefully placed at the edge of a hill providing a panoramic view of Mykonos Town, with no other distractions or buildings blocking the view. The carefully decorated bar with simple, yet chic, wooden furniture placed on different levels up the hill, as well as, the traditional Myconian windmill right beside the bar, makes it fit in harmonically with the natural surroundings and it seems to be part of the natural outlay of the island.
But like most of the guests, you probably be more interested in the natural paradise that unfolds in front of you, especially during the evening. When the sun starts going down it lavishes the whole hill with colors that seem dream-like. The sunset seems mesmerizing as it starts disappearing behind the waves of the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea. It is a romantic and mesmerizing moment that will be imprinted in the memory of everyone as an authentic Myconian image. After the sunset, the 180˚ Sunset Bar remains a spectacular spot with an amazing view as the nightlife in Mykonos starts, a hype party vibe starts floating in the aura and Mykonos Town is full of beautiful dancing lights.
180˚ Sunset Bar has more to offer than its spectacular view. A great companion in every moment in life: a refreshing drink. The bar’s menu includes a long list of fruity, creative, but also old-time classic cocktails that will “spice up” the mood of every guest and will intensify the feeling of relaxation during a true Myconian vacation. Everyone will also recommend exploring new tastes and trying out the signature 180˚drinks that are made with great care from the bar’s group of professional and very experienced and hospitable mixologists/bartenders. For those with a more exquisite taste, the 180˚ Sunset Bar offers a fine collection of classic wines including famous white, rose and red arrays, as well as, refreshing sparkling wine and champagne options
Drinking should never go alone, but along with some delicious delicacies. 180˚ Sunset Bar’s menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, unusual salad options, and desserts of fine cuisine. It is a gastronomical journey that can only be leveled up by some signature 180˚diches that combine gourmet cuisine with small Greek cuisine elements that bring out a mouth-watering sensation.
180˚ MUSIC
180˚ Sunset Bar makes up the perfect sunset experience with the touch of groovy music played by some of the best DJs in Mykonos that will make everyone dance and sing along with the rhythm of the music, making that night an unforgettable one!
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