Santorini is one of the most popular and favorite destinations in Greece not only for foreigners but for Greeks, as well. This Cycladic island is definitely the definition of beauty! Its architecture, its people, and its landscapes create the absolute combination making it the most romantic and breathtaking destination for vocation. However, if you are one of those who want to live one of the most interesting and once-in-a-lifetime experiences then a one-day itinerary by boat in Santorini is the best option for you!

From a Daily Cruise to a weekly Yacht Charter or last-minute transfer from island to island live the Absolute experience in your private yacht, and the ultimate relaxation, on board. Enjoy unforgettable events on Yacht with your tailor-made requests like a private chef, massage therapist, yoga instructors, and organized parties. Our crew will be aware of your exact preferences and will be tailored to your taste, from food and drinks to water activities. Dream your private moments and relax on board! So, here is what you will see on this extraordinary cruise!

1) The White Beach
The -full of contrasts- White Beach is one of the most impressive beaches of Santorini and accessible only by boat. There, visitors will enjoy the magic of nature. The high white rocks, made of volcanic eruptions, rise at the bottom of the small beach and join at their base with the black sand and the dark pebbles of the sand. The name of the beach came from the white color of the rocks, made by this unique and truly magnificent phenomenon. The White Beach is a must-see place for every visitor who is looking for a different and new experience.

2) The Red Beach
The Red Βeach is another location of Santorini that is worth visiting for its diversity. It is located in the southwestern part of the island, quite close to the village of Akrotiri. It is a picturesque beach and its special morphological character makes it one of the most seductive beaches in the world as it is known for the unparallel beauty it has to offer. We can come to the conclusion that the Red Beach is definitely one of the most impressive, not only on the island but in the whole of Aegean. Red and black rocks, dark blue crystal-clear waters, tile sand, and black pebbles constitute this astonishing corner of Santorini with the underwater hot days of volcanic springs.

Do you want to explore all these magical and mysterious parts of Santorini with a luxury yacht, equipped with your needs? book now and live an unforgettable experience!

3) The Palia Kameni Beach
Palia Kameni is a very small beach, in the bay of Agios Nikolaos, northeast of the island of Palia Kameni. It is accessible only by boat, but it is truly worth visiting. The whole island is the result of a volcanic eruption. The rocks are governed by a black tint and the landscape is characterized by wild beauty. Another element of this wild and enchanting beach is the color of its waters. Like magically made, they have a yellow-green color from the sulfur and are quite warm from the hot springs of the area. This beach constitutes a unique and breathtaking phenomenon that every visitor must see in Santorini.

4) The sunset of Santorini
Here, we are not exactly talking about a specific destination, but about a spectacle that can move even the toughest of hearts. Of course, we are talking about the magnificent sunset of Santorini, an event that attracts a large number of tourists every year and definitely not unjustly. The colors, as they are formed, in the sky create an incredible setting, an experience that becomes even more magical if you are at sea during the phenomenon. From the caldera of Santorini, it is certain that you will have the best possible view of one of the most enchanting creations of nature!


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