Spetses is one of the most cosmopolitan and with historical importance islands of Greece and especially in the Saronic Gulf. The island got its current name from the Venetians after they named it “Izola di Spezia” which means Island of perfumes, because of the many flowers that existed. It is located close to the popular tourist resort of Porto Heli. The island of Bouboulina, a hero of the Greek revolution, is famous for its neoclassical architecture, wonderful beaches, and impressive locations that are offered for exploration. A daily cruise to this island is the best way to explore it! Therefore, here is what you can do!  

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    Firstly, you should visit the port of the city, Dapia, with its famous square, a meeting point for residents and visitors. In the center of Poseidon Square dominates the imposing statue of Laskarina Bouboulina, a heroic figure that played a determinant role in the Greek revolution. The Chancellery, located on the edge of the port of Dapia, has a long history. Before 1770 it served as a gathering place for the island’s elite, while later it housed the City Hall.

The alleys of the city of Spetses are characterized by very interesting traditional architecture, with neoclassical houses, pebbled courtyards, colorful fragrant flowers, and beautiful balconies. In Spetses, cars are prohibited and the necessary transportations are done by motorcycles, bicycles, taxis and horse-drawn carriages. During your stay on the island do not forget to get to know Spetses on foot!

Moreover, Spetses has beautiful beaches with clear, turquoise waters. Sandy or pebbly, almost all of them are organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while many have a beach bar to enjoy your drinks. In some, you can even do water sports! The beaches you can see either on foot or by a private yacht are:

  1. Agios Mammas: The nearest beach in Chora to Spetses. It has a long sandy beach and shallow waters and it is usually preferred by families with children.
  2. Agios Nikolaos: Beautiful, a small beach near the old port. It has cool waters and sand and is suitable for those who seek peace without having to leave the city.
  3. Agia Marina: One of the most cosmopolitan and famous beaches of Spetses. It has many facilities for guests, shops for food and drink, and infrastructure for water sports.
  4. Kounoupitsa: Beautiful, a small beach near the port of Spetses, with crystal clear waters and golden sand.
  5. Anargyrios School: Famous beach of the island with blue waters and pebbles. It is organized, with umbrellas, infrastructure for water sports, beach bars, and taverns.
  6. Agia Paraskevi: Probably the most impressive beach in Spetses. The turquoise, crystal clear waters, and the rich vegetation that surrounds it compose a magnificent setting. It has a bar and it is accessible on foot and by boat.
  7. Ligoneri: Everything you need for calm moments and isolated dives. It has pebbles and sand, is not organized, and is approached by a dirt road.
  8. Agioi Anargyroi: It is the largest and perhaps the most popular beach on the island. It is located in the west and it offers sand, clear blue waters, umbrellas, and water sports infrastructure.
  9. Xylokeriza: It is located in the south of Spetses and is organized with umbrellas. It has pebbles and a rocky bottom that is suitable for diving.
  10. Zogeria: One of the most beautiful beaches in Spetses. The dense vegetation, the pines that reach almost the water, and the turquoise waters will enchant you. Ideal for those looking for more relaxed moments.
  11. Vrellos: Relatively small beach with wonderful crystal-clear waters and pebbles. It is fully organized and has a beach bar.

    In addition, the island of Spetses is ideal for activities, with the homonymous settlement gathering most of the attractions. We suggest you go around the whole island, to discover beautiful landscapes and beaches and to taste delicious local food. During your vacation in Spetses do not miss to do:

  1. Carriage ride to the old and new port in Dapia to admire the impressive architecture of the neoclassical buildings. Be sure to visit the most famous sights, such as the Bouboulina Museum, the lighthouse at the port, and the Mansion of Sotiri Anargyros.
  2. Exploring the villages and other settlements of the island, such as Agios Anargyros, Ligoneri, and Kounoupitsa.
  3. Marine activities such as diving and fishing. You can also rent a private yacht and visit some of the caves of the island, such as the cave of Bekiris. 
  4. If you love nature activities, the island has several trails for hiking and cycling, especially in the forest of Spetses. 
  5. Finally, the city center of Spetses is full of shops for food, sweets, and drinks. In the evening you can enjoy your cocktail by the sea and go to one of the clubs for dancing until the morning!

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