Santorini is the Cyclades’ most romantic vacation spot, but it’s also a terrific site for wild and entertaining nightlife with some amazing clubs. Take a break from your stressful routine and create unforgettable memories with friends and family while on vacation! The nightlife of Greek culture is particularly prominent and for sure a thing you have to experience while you spent your days sunbathing in Santorini’s beautiful beaches and eating at the traditional taverns.

Greeks value their nightlife, especially in the hot weather, and high spirits of the summer mood. Thus, experiencing the drinking culture in Greece is a must! Make sure to make time in your program for a night out filled with drinking, vibing to the rhythm of the loud music, and dancing till the sun comes up again!

The island’s capital, Fira, and the well-liked beach towns of Kamari and Perissa have the craziest nightlife. There are lovely beach clubs that offer entertaining daytime events. As for the little but famous village of Oia, only a few bars and lounges, can be found.

We are going to list 5 of the best clubs you can visit while in Santorini, hoping that this list will make your night, a night to remember!


On the edge of Fira’s volcanic Caldera, the center of Santorini’s nightlife sits the Casablanca Soul Bar. A typical evening in Fira begins with supper at one of the many eateries in Fira or Oia, followed by a night out at a disco, a dancing club, or a bar like Casablanca Soul. Santorini’s excellent bartenders create exotic beverages. Locals and visitors alike recommend the Casablanca Soul’s daquiries, Mojito passion, Tropicana, and champagne drinks.

The resident music expert at Casablanca is George K Tony. George is perhaps the only resident DJ in Fira who plays authentic funk for those that crave a night out dressed up in funky rhythms. Be sure to search for upcoming events because you might have the chance to run across a few celebrities, Popular live bands are invited to play at Casablanca from all around the world. The bar opens at 10 p.m. and closes early in the morning, only once the last customer has left.


The Koo Club can be found in Fira at the northernmost point of the cliffside path. In contrast to the club’s sensuous atmosphere and high-intensity vibes, which reach a climax once the dance floor fills up with swaying bodies that allow themselves to be swept away by the music’s pounding rhythms, the club features a big outside terrace in a tropical setting with palm trees.

The inside floor is quite spacious and lavishly decorated, with vast alcoves that resemble caves, dim lighting, an outstanding chandelier, and plush sofas with cushy cushions that closely resemble the interiors of a Greek palace. Three bars are located on the large patio outside, which is a great place to unwind while listening to music or drinking beneath the stars. A place perfect not only for friends having a fun night out but also couples that seek for a romantic date with a few drinks under the dancing lights of Santorini. The Koo Club is also quite famous for its friendly environment and welcoming staff, giving guests the real Greek hospitality experience.


Going out to clubs can sometimes be an expensive hobby, especially during the summer months in a foreign touristic country like Greece. However, everyone has a right in having a good time at a club! That is why this list includes The Town Club, a favored hangout among young people, travelers, and students who want to drink and dance the night away despite its modest size. One advantage of this club over others that look crowded and boisterous is the roomy patio behind the clubhouse, which is a great area to hang out. The Town Club has a small door fee which gives guests the chance to get one free drink from the club’s bar, a bar run by experienced bartenders that can provide guests with classic or creative cocktail ideas. In the summer when the club is open till late, DJ appearances are frequently held.


The Enigma Club is located in Fira, Santorini’s intriguing capital. The “Enigma Club” is considered one of the old-time classic clubs in Santorini as it has been running effectively since 1979, and in addition to being a fantastic club, it also throws and plans fantastic parties, whether they are personalized or not.

The “Bachelor/Bachelorette Package,” the “VIP Birthday Party,” and the “21st Birthday Party” are just a few of the different packages available for those that want to share their important life moments with family and friends. The party planners at The Enigma can plan a memorable event specifically customized to the guest’s preferences and needs. The selection of alcoholic beverages is wide and the only alcohol served is of the highest quality, served and mixed by the experienced and professional bartending staff. Planning a party has never been so simple before! You only need to consult with the Enigma Club’s knowledgeable staff before unwinding and enjoying the best party of your life!


For those that seek a more elegant option for a night out the Tango Bar is more than perfect. Every time you turn your head to look at the view, you will see terraces hanging on the distinctive Santorini caldera and a breathtaking vista of the sea and volcanoes. Tango is renowned for having an atmospheric feel. Clean lines, chic décor, and clever details create the appealing atmosphere of Tango Bar. The best champagne variety and truly amazing, creative drinks are waiting for you, aiming to bring out the best in Santorinian nights. Like every other club on this list, The Tango Bar’s resident and international guest DJs will have your body moving all night long.



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