Greece is well known for its natural beauties and the combination of the islands’ terra firma with the majestic seashores and beaches. Mykonos is considered one of the most famous Greek islands that satisfies all these requirements for an authentic experience of the Greek summer.
When looking for a specific place to spend a day at one of Mykonos’s most alluring beaches, Alemàgou will be mentioned by every local! It is the best fit for someone wanting to combine the Greek experience with unique elements while spending the day at a beautiful beach bar!
Alemàgou is located on the north side of the island, just 12 minutes (7km) away from Mykonos Town. It is right next to beach Ftelia, one of Mykonos’s most peaceful beaches with nothing but golden sand extending over the long piece of land, creating a summer paradise!
Alemàgou underlines its authenticity with a Greek name finding its roots in the ancient Mykonian dialect, meaning: finally! So guests can finally have a relaxing day at the beach bar of Alemàgou!
The unique element of Alemàgou lies within its simplicity that meets with the luxury of comfortable lounges and the luxurious snacks, beverages, and cocktails served at the beach. The boho style of Alemàgou’s decoration, with the cactus and straw umbrellas matching the golden sand, creates an image that resembles the deserts of Mexico, while, at the same time, it remains in perfect harmony with the refreshing aura of Mykonos as it fits perfectly into the rough landscape and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. It can be considered a picturesque venue with a unique touch, that drives its guests into a journey of absolute relaxation! (with plenty of opportunities for an attractive tan). This relaxation can only be topped with the massage services provided by Alemàgou’s experienced professional therapists.
As simplicity is the motto of the beach bar, only the necessities are required from the guests, their swimwear, a sunblock, a hat, and most importantly their relaxed and happy attitude that matches such a wonderful day at the beach. Everything else can be found and provided within Alemàgou. The bar and restaurant are ready to welcome and serve the guests gastronomical needs, either with some refreshing and most importantly creative beverages and cocktails or with some exquisite meals that can mesmerize every guest’s taste buds. The restaurant’s menu promises an authentic Greek cuisine experience with an aftertaste of the Mediterranean tradition, meals that give out the sense of the Aegean sea and introduce guests to classic Greek tastes and smells. All ingredients are of the best quality, fresh, and picked up from local producers. There are, also, more contemporary and international options for those who do not want to experiment with their meals but prefer a classic tasteful dish that will satisfy their appetite.
Alemàgou also cares for its guests’ confidence in their appearance in the crowded (full of celebrities) alleys of Mykonos! It also offers an opportunity for a stress-relieving shopping spree in Alemàgou’s boutique. This shop does not only provide guests with designer clothes and accessories but it mostly offers unique, boho, yet chic, fashion items that will draw everyone’s attention and give the impression of a comfortable and stylish look. The shop includes basic summer necessities such as swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, and t-shirts, as well as, unique jewelry, handbags, and sandals. The boutique has a stunning exterior design that resembles a military tent and fits in perfect harmony with the decoration and vibe of Alemàgou’s beach, bar, and restaurant.
Apart from Alemàgou’s experienced staff, shopping can be made easier with some fashion advice from the resident of Alemàgou that often likes to take strolls around the tent, Maggie the goat. Maggie is Alemàgou’s pet, a goat considered the mascot of the beach bar, that just brings guests even closer to nature and the bar’s authenticity.
The staff that either provides services within Alemàgou or is working behind the scenes for its progress is more than welcome to ensure its guests’ entertaining vacations with the organization of social events.
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