Hello, fellow travelers! Searching for the perfect vacation destination? Stop looking through flyers and lookup Greece, one of the most worldwide known destinations, considered a summer paradise and the perfect spot for a few relaxing days off. However, Greece is a place with many natural beauties, different cultural features around the country, and numerous opportunities for entertainment and relaxation, thus, choosing your vacation destination can be tricky. Do not limit your options though!

With the luxurious yacht FERRETTI 59, you get the chance to experience many different Greek spots, some breathtaking views, natural beauties hidden in secluded beaches with golden sand, and delicious traditional dishes. This cruise renders a fun, entertaining, yet relaxing, journey from Mykonos to Kato Koufonisi, a stop at the small island of Schinoussa, and back to Mykonos, a one-day trip full of experiences and adventures. The cruise is guest-oriented, the guests’ pleasure is the priority of the professional crew and captain of the yacht, thus, the itinerary of the cruise can change according to the guests’ preferences (and also the weather conditions).


Our cruise has a starting point at the small bay of Ornos in Mykonos and the departure time of our yacht is usually at around 11:00 am. Ornos is considered a traditional quiet village, a common port for local fishermen’s boats as well as luxurious yachts. While waiting for the start of your cruise, feel free to explore the village of Ornos, do some shopping therapy to the local artistic spots or enjoy a delicious Mediterranean brunch.

The cruise starts with a relaxing two-hour journey on the yacht, hitting the Aegean waves with the destination of Kato Koufonisi. Kato Koufonisi is part of the group of islands called Koufonisia and it is located south of the Cycladic island Naxos. The yacht stops at a beautiful dream-like bay with crystal clear turquoise waters and private beaches with soft golden sand, a perfect spot for a refreshing swim during the scorching hot Greek summer months. It is, also, considered a rather family-friendly spot, appropriate for those who prefer calming waters, as Kato Koufonisi is entirely protected from the strength of the Aegean winds. This stop includes time for a relaxing tanning session under the sun, but it also caters to the thrill-seekers that would like to experience the fun of water sports. Guests can try out the seabob or the electric surfboard, they can ride the jet ski across the beach, as well as, experience the fun of summer with other towed water sports, such as the wakeboard, or the kneeboard.

If you’re interested in exploring the entirety of the Koufonisia, and the weather conditions are met, you could, after consultation with the captain of the yacht, pay a brief visit to the Ano Koufonisi and some of its most beautiful beaches, like Ammos or Finikas.

After your fun time at Koufonisia, the cruise is not complete yet! For an authentic Greek experience, every guest has to take a gastronomical journey through the Mediterranean tastes as well. The cruise continues with a 20-minute trip to the southwest of Koufonisia, a small peaceful, yet beautiful and traditional, island called Schinoussa. In Schinoussa you will have the chance to experience an authentic traditional Greek lunch at the high-end Greek tavern Nikolas. Α cozy tavern right by the sea with a menu full of dishes made with care from professional chefs and with the freshest ingredients that can be found in local markets around the Cycladic islands. While in Schinoussa if you feel like swimming a bit more, feel free to explore the beaches of Schinoussa, some of the most naturally beautiful without human interference spots of Cyclades. The Tsigouri and Livadi are some of the most known attractions around Schinoussa for both locals and tourists that seek a quiet and calming environment for a swim.

At that point, I’m pretty sure it has been a day full of experiences and the yacht can start returning to Mykonos in a slow two-hour cruise. The disembarkation usually happens at approximately 8:00 pm.

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