Are you in the middle of planning out your summer vacation? I bet Greece is at the top of your list! However, I understand the numerous beautiful Greek destinations, throughout the whole country, can make the vacation planning process a bit tricky.
Don’t worry there is a way to experience multiple attractions and gain experiences in an easy, entertaining way (while also spoiling yourself a bit!): A day cruise on a luxurious yacht PRIMATIST G41. One of our trip suggestions includes the exploration of Santorini’s tourist attractions and traditional cuisine, as well as, hidden gems of the island that can make your vacation unforgettable.
Santorini is considered one of the most well-known destinations around the world, a dream-like place that sums up the essence of a Greek vacation, with traditional Greek elements embedded in the architecture of the island, and modern elements that make tourists feel comfortable, and they get to experience the modern Greek party culture. Santorini is part of the Cycladic islands, located on the south side of the Aegean sea.
The capital of Santorini is a must during your visit to the island. Thira is located on the northwest side of Santorini. It is a majestic place often described as the lost Atlantis, as the picturesque traditional white and blue houses covering Santorini’s hills create a breathtaking view and capture the essence of Cyclades. Feel free to explore the beauties of Thira strolling through the narrow alleys of the island, an unforgettable memory of every tourist. While in Thira, do not forget to explore the different tastes that Santorini has to offer. Try out a traditional Greek coffee in one of the small Greek coffee shops with an undisturbed view of the Aegean, or experience a gastronomical journey through the Mediterranean tastes in Thira’s traditional Greek taverns, with fulfilling dishes made from the freshest surf and turf ingredients available in the local markets. Thira is also the place to be in terms of classic tourist attractions with numerous museums, beautiful ancient and religious monuments for anyone craving to get to know the Greek culture better.
On the north edge of the island, there is another village worth visiting, Oia, a place widely known among tourists for the mesmerizing view of the sunset it can provide. In the evening every part of Oia gets crowded, everyone stands still as they watch the sun dive into the waves of the Aegean sea creating an image full of colors that create a relaxing, dream-like memory (Do not forget to capture these moments with some classic Santorini sunset photographs). Oia also gives you the opportunity to experience the steep roads and alleys of the village with a unique method of transportation: donkeys! It is a very interesting and entertaining way to see a different side of the island. Also, if you happen to be at Oia during the night, prepare yourself for a crazy night out that you will most definitely remember! Around Oia, you can find numerous bars and clubs that will take you through the Greek drinking culture and show you how people in Greece know dance and party!
While traveling through Santorini there is a view that will not go unnoticed: Caldera! Not many people know this but Santorini is actually the creation of a volcanic eruption, the results of which are visible across the island. The eastern cliffs of the island are the perfect spot to gaze down at the unique sight of the caldera.
Another worth mentioning and worldwide known attraction of Santorini is the red beach. As weird as it may sound this unique beach is red! It is considered another “miracle” that came to life due to the eruption of the volcano. Do not miss the chance to swim in the crystal clear waters of the red beach, walk around the red sand and explore the different colors, hues of red and black, cobbles found on the red beach.
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