Jackie O’ Mykonos

Few places on the island of Mykonos have no special need for introductions and Jackie O’ is one of them. Here, the gay spirit of Mykonos is at its best, welcoming everyone, gay and straight, in its lapse since 2009, when Jackie O’ opened its doors for the first time.

In less than five years, Jackie O’ Mykonos has become a legendary place and this is by no accident. Situated on the seawall of the old Mykonian harbor, overlooking Super Paradise Beach, Jackie O’ champagne bar is a queen in every aspect. Its impressive location and elegant interior and exterior, its joyful spirit, and world-famous parties and concerts have turned Jackie O’ into a brand name. It is located in the south of Mykonos, around 17 minutes away from the Town of Mykonos and 10 minutes from the Airport. Whether by car or yacht, its loyal followers and passionate devotes never miss a chance to live fully the Jackie O’ experience. If you are looking for a chartered luxury yacht, click here.

.Exceeding the usual 

 A day at Jackie O’ Mykonos can last much longer than a day and a night. The chick sunbeds by the Super Paradise Beach, the outdoor jacuzzi, and the pool are an invitation to surrender your body and senses to the dazzling Greek sunlight, the turquoise Aegean waters, and the professional hands of Jackie’s O’ personnel. Wherever you are located, whether on the beach, by the pool, or in the jacuzzi, you have access to the 360º Open Bar. Its attentive team will take care of your needs and its famous mixologist will make sure that your desire for a refreshing cocktail or a delicious predinner drink will be more than met.

Senses can be fed and Jackie O’ Restaurant has proven that. Its award-winning cuisine and the world-renown chef Christoforos Peskias will take you to incredible multicultural gastronomic paths, waving the traditional Cycladic with the modern Greek, the eastern with the western, the past with the present, and the future. Supreme quality raw material and age-old traditions are transformed in Peskia’s masterful hands into inspired culinary innovations that elevate your senses. Either for lunch or dinner, either for a gathering of friends or for lovers, the setting is just perfect. Elegant, classy, far away from all that is fake, a place where genuine flavors and smells inspire your senses and take over your body.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop at the ultra-elegant tax-free Jackie O’ Boutique. Find exclusive brands and chick clothes and accessories to adorn your body and soul, for a unique night appearance in town or a day on the beach.



More than a motto


“From sunset to sunrise”, as it was its owners’ motto back in 2009, the place to be is at Jackie O’ Mykonos. When the sun sets and the evening begins, wave goodbye to daylight and welcome a night you won’t forget, as you enjoy your cocktails and drinks. As the hours go by, enjoy your drinks and follow unending dance vibes that promise to elevate your senses even more.


Jackie’s O’ world-famous drag shows, favorite DJs and go-go dancers, its friendly staff, and hot bartenders will escort you to the gate of Jackie O’s gay and joyful spirit. A spirit that embraces everyone, famous or unknown, gay or straight, alone or accompanied.


Jackie’s O’ party vibe just doesn’t stop, neither any day nor night spent at Jackie O’ Mykonos resembles the other. At Jackie O’ a party can run wild around 2 am and lasts until 7 am. Just make sure to keep your sunglasses with you.


An experience or the experience?


Jackie O’ features in international travel guides, even in the “New York Times” and “Sunday Times”. Jackie’s O’ success owes much to its ingenious creators and owners, who have not let anything to chance. Everything, from the elegant environment to the inspired culinary proposals, the high-quality cocktails and drinks, and the music and dance, brings out a sense of authenticity. Privacy is highly valued and safeguarded. Here at Jackie O’, there is no place for mediocracy or pretense. Just genuine feelings and elevated senses. That is why one visit to Jackie O’ Mykonos is never enough!

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