Let’s see some of the most amazing, beautiful, and unique beaches you can find on the Greek island of Milos, the perfect place for a refreshing swim!

Just over 150 km2 in size, the island of Milos in Greece is full of natural beauty, charming villages, and tranquil landscapes. The island is located in the Cyclades region’s southwest corner. Beautiful, steep cliffs of every color and rock formations, formed by volcanic activity as long back as 90,000 BC, make up the highly distinctive shoreline. Additionally, there are over 70 beaches along the coast, each of which is distinctive in its own way and offers adventure, peace, or both.


MILOS Tsigrado

Tsigrado, a lovely sandy beach, is located 14 kilometers from Plaka. On n the southern coast, there is a small beach that is mainly composed of enormous cliffs and breathtaking water. It’s not really appropriate for kids because there is a cable and ladder to help with the descent on the route that has been dug out into the cliff. Although it’s an unorganized beach, it’s quiet, great for swimming, and has stunning scenery. To go to Tsigrado,  you can catch the bus to Firiplaka.

You can access the beach by yacht if you are terrified of heights or prefer not to descend using the rope. Some businesses in Milos arrange tours across the island that transport you to the most stunning beaches—beaches that are inaccessible by car. You can reserve a day cruise to enjoy a luxurious and enjoyable day at Tsigrado and other resorts throughout the island.

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This small, sandy beach on the south coast is somewhat organized including sunbeds, umbrellas, and a beach bar. Firiplaka, a popular tourist destination, boasts spectacular volcanic cliffs that have been painted in hues of yellow, pink, and white. These striking cliffs create a striking background for the area’s shallow green-blue water. Make sure to take in the breathtaking scenery before making your way down to the shore because there is a parking area at the top of the cliffs. Families should consider spending the day there because it is convenient to get to by car.


The best ways to go to Provatas Beach, which is 13 km from Plaka, are by vehicle or bus. It t is organized with loungers and umbrellas and has eateries and coffee shops. It is preferable to arrive before 11 a.m. because it can get pretty crowded. It’s a beautiful beach with crystal-clear water, perfect for swimming, and amazing multi-colored cliffs surrounding it. It can be windy but is family-friendly.



Due to its distinctive volcanic rocks that have been weathered by wind and sea into massive, smooth, bone-white boulders, Sarakiniko, which is located in the northern part of the island, is undoubtedly the most photographed location on Milos Island.

It’s a tiny cove with stunning blue water that is deep enough for thrill-seekers to try cliff jumping but shallow enough for kids to play in other areas. Access is provided by automobile, bus, and a trail that leads to the beach. It can be chaotic and crowded, but you can discover your own small quiet nook.



Papafragas, which is located 10 km east of Plaka, has a little sand beach surrounded by high rocky walls and the only way to reach the ocean is through a sea arch that formed naturally. There are options to swim in sea caves and crevices in the rocks in the water’s brilliant turquoise color.

It’s a beautiful, natural area of the island with breathtaking views of the surrounding sea from the clifftops. Small children should avoid the cove because there are no toilets and a steep climb. It is reachable with the Pollonia-bound bus.



Kleftiko will not let you down as you explore Milos Island’s stunning white cliffs. From Adamas, cruises depart every day to take visitors snorkeling or scuba diving in this magnificent bay’s emerald seas. It’s more of a place to absorb the magnificent natural beauty, swimming in sea caves in some of the cleanest water you’ll find in Greece. The white stone hills that rise out of the clear ocean will impress you!



Paleochori, which is 10 kilometers away from Adamas and is easily accessible by bus or automobile, is among the most well-known beaches. A sandy beach with unique pebbles, sun loungers, cafés, restaurants, and a range of water activities are all there. Even during the peak hours, you may find a quiet corner of the beach to chill because it is so long and wide.



The village of Firopotamos, a beautiful town of blue and white fisherman’s houses, surrounds the beach at Firopotamos in the northern part of the island. The family-friendly tiny pebble beach is accessible by foot or car. If you want to spend the day there, you’ll need to bring your own beverages and food because it isn’t well-organized and has no facilities or eateries. It’s a great beach for swimming in crystal-clear waters and tanning.


MILOS Agia Kyriaki

14 km away from Plaka in the southern part of the island is Agia Kyriaki. The beach has fine sand and stones, as well as a café serving delicious Greek food. This beach exudes privacy thanks to the tall, rocky cliffs that frame the panorama. It is a wonderfully magnificent setting, especially with the emerald, pure water surrounding it. It is conveniently accessible by car and has several trees that provide shade. An excellent beach for families!

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