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The Greek island chain known as the Cyclades includes Milos, which is situated farther southwest of the Paros and Naxos islands that are well-known across the world. As a consequence of its volcanic origins, Milos provides some unique features, especially colorful scenery, and a fascinating coastline. Milos is recognized for the romanticism that permeates its air because of the various picturesque locations and exotic beaches. Milos is therefore regarded as the ideal vacation spot for every couple searching for a tranquil, romantic retreat.



Milos’ Klima Village, which has less than 20 year-round residents, is a must-see for all tourists despite being one of the island’s smallest villages. On one side of the Bay of Milos, near the village of Tripiti, is this lovely fishing community.

(The famed Venus de Milo statue, which is currently on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris, was found in this area in 1820, which is another intriguing detail about Klima.)

The renowned boat homes in Klima known as “syrmata” are the reason for their modern-day popularity. Syrmata are old, traditional two-level homes.  The first story would be a home, with the ground floor serving as a boat storage facility. The positioning of the water and the brightly colored wooden doors and windows are what make these homes unique.

Due to its vibrant traditional homes and plenty of boat cruises that allow visitors to view the scenery from the sea, Klima Village is among the island’s most picturesque spots. Although the seafront can grow crowded, it is strongly advised to visit the seaside village around sunset.



The most magnificent beach not only in Greece but also on the island of Milos is Sarakiniko Beach. It is regarded as the island’s symbol! Sarakiniko is one of Greece’s top beaches for a reason, and its distinctive geological profile makes it one of the country’s most outstanding natural settings.

On the northeastern coast of the island, five kilometers from Plaka and east of Adamas is where you’ll find Sarakiniko. It is the most popular location for photos and is known for its lunar environment, which gives tourists a surreal feeling when they visit!

Due to Sarakiniko’s small size, most guests choose to sunbathe while spreading out their own beach towels on the flat rocks. You must swim in the clear waters, and there are various places where you can leap from the rocks straight into the sea. You should utilize your snorkeling gear here if you have it.



Milos’s capital city is Plaka and  It is situated to the north of Milos Bay. With its classic Cycladic architecture, Plaka is among the island’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

Whitewashed homes with brightly colored windows and balconies covered with bougainvillea flowers line the alleyways of this small city. The town is separated into the New Town and the Old Town. Along with charming cathedrals and a few museums, this region is home to eateries, cafes, pubs, and boutiques.

It is hardly surprising that Plaka has become well-known for its sunset views given its prime location and the wonderful views that may be enjoyed from the town. You just cannot overlook the Old Town when in Plaka. The remains of the castle walls of a Venetian military bastion from the 13th century surround the historic part of the town. Because the castle is regarded as Plaka’s best viewpoint, walks towards the Castle are highly popular around sunset.



Numerous Greek taverns may be found on the island of Milos in tranquil settings with breathtaking Aegean Sea views. The majority of these Milos restaurants are found in resort towns and beaches, including Plaka, Pollonia, and Adamas.

For all preferences and tastes, outstanding local dishes are available at every Milos restaurant. Try ladenia, a classic pie made with tomato, onion, olive oil, and pitarakia, tiny cheese pies. Try the famous watermelon pie or the honey and almond-based delicacy known as koufeto spoons for dessert.

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Milos, an island with a volcanic history and ground rich in minerals from ancient times to the present, is essentially a living geological museum. This geological tour is a fantastic opportunity to learn about a hidden region of the island, whose geologic record continues to affect its landscape and economy today. One of the four biggest and most active volcanoes throughout Greece, Milos’s eruptions left the island’s surface covered in numerous caves and underwater caverns as well as a number of mines that continue to fuel the local economy today.

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