Let’s see some of the most beautiful beaches of Milos you can visit while cruising on a luxurious yacht!

The Greek island of Milos is just over 150 km2 in size and is filled with picturesque towns, peaceful countryside, and natural beauty. The island is situated in the southwest corner of the Cyclades. The highly distinctive beachfront is made up of stunning, towering cliffs of all different colors and rock formations that were created by volcanic activity as far back as 90,000 BC. There are also more than 70 beaches along the coast, each of which is unique and provides either adventure, calm, or both!



Papafragas, which is located 10 km east of Plaka, has a little sand beach surrounded by high rocky walls and the only way to reach the ocean is through a sea arch that formed naturally. There are options to swim in sea caves and crevices in the rocks in the water’s brilliant turquoise color.

It’s a beautiful, natural area of the island with breathtaking views of the surrounding sea from the clifftops. Small children should avoid the cove because there are no toilets and a steep climb. It is reachable with the Pollonia-bound bus.



Kleftiko will not let you down as you explore Milos Island’s stunning white cliffs. From Adamas, cruises depart every day to take visitors snorkeling or scuba diving in this magnificent bay’s emerald seas. It’s more of a place to absorb the magnificent natural beauty, swimming in sea caves in some of the cleanest water you’ll find in Greece. The white stone hills that rise out of the clear ocean will impress you!



Paleochori, which is 10 kilometers away from Adamas and is easily accessible by bus or automobile, is among the most well-known beaches. A sandy beach with unique pebbles, sun loungers, cafés, restaurants, and a range of water activities are all there. Even during the peak hours, you may find a quiet corner of the beach to chill because it is so long and wide.



The village of Firopotamos, a beautiful town of blue and white fisherman’s houses, surrounds the beach at Firopotamos in the northern part of the island. The family-friendly tiny pebble beach is accessible by foot or car. If you want to spend the day there, you’ll need to bring your own beverages and food because it isn’t well-organized and has no facilities or eateries. It’s a great beach for swimming in crystal-clear waters and tanning.


MILOS Agia Kyriaki

14 km away from Plaka in the southern part of the island is Agia Kyriaki. The beach has fine sand and stones, as well as a café serving delicious Greek food. This beach exudes privacy thanks to the tall, rocky cliffs that frame the panorama. It is a wonderfully magnificent setting, especially with the emerald, pure water surrounding it. It is conveniently accessible by car and has several trees that provide shade. An excellent beach for families!

Look at some more of the beautiful beaches Milos has to offer by clicking here!

While in Milos make sure to experience multiple of these paradises with a luxurious yacht trip! Let’s take a look at some yachts you could choose for your day trip according to your preferences and needs!


YACHTS Ferretti 72

This luxurious yacht is 22 meters (72 feet) long overall, and its four distinct bedroom rooms can easily fit 20 guests. The mix of luxury, speed, and elegance in one vehicle, as well as the dynamic, flowing lines, are some of the features that draw attention first. This magnificent flybridge offers light, roomy quarters that are tastefully furnished in beautiful style, resembling a penthouse encircled by water.

Due to the fact that outdoor spaces provide every imaginable comfort, there is perfect harmony between inside and out. Given the particular flair and magnificent lines that radiate majesty and style, the yacht is seductive, stealing your heart at first sight.

You can book your trip on the luxurious Ferretti 72 here!


YACHTS azimut 80

Regarding the yacht’s unique features, the Azimut 80 has an overall length of 25.20 m/80 ft and is powered by two MTU 12V2000 engines. There is room for 20 people to sleep comfortably on the yacht in its four different sleeping quarters.

Azimut 80 stands out for its design, engineering, and materials that are used to ensure the comfort and safety of the yacht’s passengers and crew in the pursuit of an exceptional marine experience.

The living area behind the sun pad is ideal for basking in the sun while riding the waves or during a leisurely stop at one of the magnificent unspoiled turquoise-colored beaches of the Greek islands.

The steering console on the flybridge is great for socializing. The cockpit combines beauty and utility with roomy seats to provide a social environment that can produce precious moments. Utilizing the yacht’s complimentary Wi-Fi and satellite TV can make these social contacts even more enjoyable and comfortable. Regarding interior design, the Azimut 80’s underwater lights give nighttime sailing an exciting experience.

It might be considered the perfect yacht for a wild, never-ending party.

You can reserve a trip on the luxurious Azimut 80 here!


YACHTS princess v65

With its spacious sun lounges, excellent walk-around side decks that provide accessibility, and a salon with a sliding top and a sliding door that connects the salon to the deck outside, this yacht truly epitomizes the image of a sports motor yacht. On the V65, three luxuriously appointed staterooms may accommodate up to six passengers for overnight stays and up to twelve for day journeys. Inside, there is a lot of glass, curved wood, and concealed lighting.

You can stretch out, read a book, nap, get some vitamin D, or unwind in the sun after swimming without having to enter the cockpit. It is perfect for a clear view of the sunset or the stars at night because you can lie down and wander about the anchor.

With Princess V65, take a memorable daily cruise here!






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