Enjoy a magical journey through the beauties of Mykonos, Paros, and Antiparos! 

This summer make the right choice and plan out a dream-like vacation! Some of the destination options that should be on the top of your list are the worldwide famous Mykonos and the mesmerizing Paros and Antiparos. You have the chance to take a sneak peek of all of these destinations with an amazing cruise around the islands in a luxurious FERRETTI YACHT. A choice that will make a vacation full of unforgettable memories and satisfy everyone’s expectations for the perfect Greek summer, including secluded beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand. The highly professional staff and captain of the luxurious FERRETTI 59 are there along the way to ensure an entertaining, yet relaxing, cruise for every guest! 


Let’s take a look at the exciting program of the cruise, full of activities and exploration of different places around the islands that will keep visitors on their feet while, also, having a relaxing time on the luxurious yacht. The time of departure of the yacht is at 11:00 am from Mykonos, Ornos. Ornos is a small picturesque village 2km away from Chora, the center of Mykonos, a beautiful quiet village that accommodates a small port specially designed for local boats and numerous luxurious yachts.  

Within one hour of traveling on the yacht and gazing at the blue waters of the Aegean sea (if you’re lucky maybe you can make a dolphin friend on the way! ), you will reach Naoussa, the center of the island of Paros. There you will have the chance to explore the traditional village of Naoussa and take a walk around the narrow, beautiful blue and white alleys of the Cycladic island. Naoussa is considered a small, yet well-known, town in Paros with a long history behind it, as it was built during the Byzantine era.  

The cruise will continue with an incredibly enjoyable journey of 45 minutes to reach Panteronisia, a place located in between Paros and Antiparos. A stop for a dive is required! The turquoise waters of Panteronisia make up a breathtaking view, not only resembling a Blue Lagoon ready to be explored but, also, creating the perfect spot for a refreshing swim and some beautiful summer pictures capturing the Greek beauty! 

After the exploration of the Panteronisia, the itinerary includes a slow cruise close to the cliffs for approximately 30 minutes, a little tour that offers an amazing view looking up from the yacht. However, the cruise cannot be complete without a gastronomical journey through the traditional cuisine. The next stop is at the southern part of Antiparos, at a small restaurant called Captain Pipino located right next to the sea. You can enjoy a delicious fulfilling meal of surf and turf made by professional chefs with the freshest ingredients collected from local markets. 

After a long day of touring around the beautiful Cycladic islands, you can have a relaxing almost two-hour cruise back to Mykonos, enjoying the sunset, the view of the sun diving into the waters of the Aegean sea. The disembarkation usually happens at around 8. The program of the cruise can be, after discussion with the captain, tailored to the visitors’ preferences and to-do list! 


Of course, luxury is not just about the program of the cruise but it is a characteristic that describes the yachts. The captain and hostess are always at your service and some delicious snacks along with welcome drinks will be served during the cruise. During the cruise “fun” can be made the number one priority! On some of the beaches that the yacht stops, you can try out some entertaining water activities, some of the classics such as jet ski or waterboard, and some options for the more adventurous ones, such as the seabob or some time in an electric surfboard! 


Suggested Itinerary:


– Departure: Ornos / Mykonos at 11:00am

– Naoussa (Paros) (1 hour cruise). Visit the beautiful traditional village.

– After 45min of cruising, stop for swimming at Panteronisia with the unique landscape and turquoise waters.

– Slow cruise next to the cliffs for 30 min and then lunch at captain Pipino at the southern tip of Antiparos, facing Despotico

– Back to Mykonos (1:45h cruise) and disembarkation at 8


Cruise cost 

– Charter cost 3.000 euros

– VAT 400 euros

– Fuel 1.750euros (consumption: 500 euros/hour cruising at 23knots).

TOTAL: 5.150euros



– Crew of 3 (captain, deckhand, hostess)

– Welcome drinks

– Paddleboard

– Snorkeling equipment

– Freshly made tortillas with salmon, prosciutto and turkey, nuts, fruits, 2 sodas/person, 2 beers per person, 1 bottle of white wine per 4 persons (only for daily cruises)

– Sea towels




  • Catering (cost TBD)

– Jet-ski 350euros/hour

– Seabob 350euros/day per seabob (possibility to have 2 seabobs)

– Electric surfboard 250euros for 45 minutes (recharge takes 2hours)

– Towed water sports (wakeboard, 2p tube, 1p tube, kneeboard, monoski, water skis) 250euros/hour



I hope you find my offer interesting. Please let me know what you think about the proposed itinerary and if you would like any of the extras.




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