Let’s look at some of the most well-known and beautiful bars and beach bars in Paros! Choose one and have an unforgettable Greek night!



If you appreciate a good party time, Punda Coast is probably the best place for you to spend an exciting evening in Paros. Divers, surfers, and visitors visit the 250-meter-long Punda beach all year long. The calm water and outdoor seating area are available for your enjoyment. You can relax in the pavilions while enjoying the weather or take part in poolside activities. The Punda Coast club on the Punda coast has excellent drinks, nonstop music, a live DJ, and a fantastic beach bar, making it completely Instagram-worthy. You don’t need to make reservations in order to attend the beach club. A variety of gins, vodkas, whiskeys, champagnes, and wines are available. You can also sample their locally brewed beer and take in the stunning Punda Coast.



One of the best places to enjoy a cocktail with friends while gazing up at the stars is Sommaripa Consolato in Paros. Along with the lovely sea view that the bar provides, a large number of tourists visit to taste their extensive selection of drinks. The modern coffee shop showcases the stunning Cycladic building. There is relaxing music playing in the background, and the cuisine is excellent. Additionally, there is a rooftop bar that is primarily frequented by residents during the summer. You can relax on the small, cozy balcony while sipping your favorite cocktail and watching the fishing vessels at the picturesque harbor.



The Evinos bar is one of the busiest spots in Paros. It faces the crowded Parikia harbor and has the most stunning waterfront. The club is made even more inviting by the cozy yellow lighting. On the patio, grab a cocktail and take in the gorgeous sunset over the Aegean Sea. Equally captivating is the view of the Aegean Sea at dusk. Enjoy Paros’ nightlife at the Evinos dance floor, which is open until the break of daybreak. There are as many different drink options as you desire. Gin, whiskey, vodka, and tequila are all included.



Everything at the Bebop is of high quality, including the sandwiches by the sea and the drinks. A fantastic sea view is available from a sitting space outside where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. The modern pub and cafe are consistently busy throughout the year. In Paros, you can sway to jazz music and experience the ideal nightlife. Start your exploration with the Bebop must-have drink, the Zombie. One of its specialties is the Peruvian potato. Try the local beer with the ideal views of the twilight if you want something made locally.


It’s like sitting by the ocean, listening to the waves, and taking a big gulp when you have lunch at the Fortis and a drink of wine. You can reserve your umbrella table and have the waves come up to your ankles. The flavors are unique and range from gluten-free crepes to scrambled eggs with Chorizo. The atmosphere of the pub is welcoming, and there are frequent parties.  When the area lights up on a moon night, evenings at the Fortis Tavern are even more stunning. Gin, whisky, and vodka-infused handmade cocktails are available for tasting. Wines are also offered in a wide range. Numerous vegan choices are also available at the bar.



The Palm Beach Paros is the perfect location in Paros to appreciate nature and its tranquility. The atmosphere of this beach club is unique and peaceful thanks to the line of palm trees that surrounds the perimeter. You can enjoy the sun’s beams all day long day long while listening to soothing music. If you’re fortunate, you might also get to enjoy a barbecue dinner under a moonlit sky. Additionally, there is a small store on the property with space outside for visitors. A Freddy Cappuccino is a great way to start the evening before moving on to a long line of cocktails. The locally brewed beer is a must-try. The renowned sliders and the Fondant Au Chocolat are also worth trying.


One of the friendliest and coziest beach restaurants in the center of Paros is The Rebel Beach Bar. It is known as the oldest beach bar in the area and features live guitar sessions, excellent food, and music. Nikos Louridis, the owner himself, came up with the concept. You can reserve your own private seafront umbrella and eat lunch or supper whenever you like. The same island compound offers a variety of water activities to increase enjoyment. The Rebel Beach Bar offers a wide variety of signature drinks.



The Sante Cocktail Bar, which is in Naoussa, features the finest drink concoctions and traditional coffee, showcasing the best of Paros. The finest cocktails are served by skilled mixologists at the bar. The bar is inviting due to its cozy outdoor location. Take as many pictures as you can while enjoying your beverage from the terrace of Sante, the busiest thoroughfare in Naoussa. You can choose from a lengthy catalog of cocktails. Rum cocktails include the Mojito, Fruit Daiquiri Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Passion Caramel, and many more. Don’t forget to try the Long Island Iced Tea with white rum, tequila silver, etc., as well as the Rossini with fresh strawberries and Prosecco.











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