With a hectic and stressful daily routine, summer vacation is the perfect opportunity to loosen up and relax. However, do not compromise on a few days of simple vacation! Take that time to explore Greece, and more specifically Mykonos,  one of the most famous islands worldwide, not only for its natural beauties and alluring beaches but also for the general relaxing aura and positive vibes it provides.

While enjoying the classic Greek summer, remember to make one of these days an unforgettable one with a visit to Pasaji! Pasaji is a well-known luxurious restaurant that lives up to the reputation it has built among the locals and tourists. It is located on the southwest side of the island on Ornos Beach, only 3.7 km away from Mykonos Town, a ten-minute drive for a guaranteed magical destination! Ornos beach is considered a modern beach with all the amenities and hotel facilities within its proximity, and, of course, access available for mobility vehicles and a family-friendly environment.


Pasaji is not an ordinary restaurant, but it also provides guests with the whole Myconian summer beach experience that is at the top of the to-do list of every tourist.  More specifically, it accommodates comfortable and stylish sunbeds throughout Ornos beach, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing day sunbathing under the hot summer sun, creating the beautiful tan that goes along with the Myconian vacation.  At the same time, a front-row ticket to the paradise of the Aegean sea for a refreshing swim at the crystal clear waters is guaranteed. This dream-like vibe at the Pasaji beach area could not be complete without a freshly-roasted coffee to start the day, refreshing and creative fruit juice combination, or light snacks, mouthwatering finger foods, and delicious sushi options being served to you while laying at your sunbed, creating an ancient Greek symposium vibe that reinforces the authenticity of the Greek experience.


Pasaji is highly recognized as a Myconian top-class restaurant! Pasaji Restaurant promises to take guests on a gastronomical journey, a passage through different countries, traditional and modern tastes, different cuisines, and aromas that cast a spell on every guest! This journey among many destinations focuses mainly on the traditional and gourmet Greek cuisine, the Italian temperament expressed through their dishes, as well as, the Asian simplicity with unique elements that are captured inside the small, yet filling, bites of sushi. Of course, these dishes are carefully cooked by the professional and very experienced chefs of Pasaji (Executive Chef John Vidalis and Chef Stratos Chronakis), and the ingredients used are fresh and picked out with care from local production units. This gastronomical fusion of Baltic tastes with East aromas and textures is guaranteed to provide guests with a unique experience that will satisfy, and test, their taste buds.

A meal has to, of course, be satisfying at every level, especially, in terms of the drinks and beverages that accompany it. Thus, Pasaji has created a special drinks menu in order to provide guests with a variety of options that will for sure match and satisfy everyone’s taste. This menu includes a wide collection of sparkling, white, rose, and red wines, made in Greece or wineries across the world. Apart from the classic, yet refreshing and tasty, cocktails that can be found everywhere in Mykonos, Pasaji offers a list of signature Pasaji cocktails made with much creativity and passion, ready to be tasted by every guest that wants to “spice things up”. The menu also includes non-alcoholic drinks and other beverages that render Pasaji a family-friendly restaurant.


This magical experience at Pasaji offers one more relaxing feature for some quality time with your friend group or significant other. Pasaji offers the perfect smoking experience with shisha-hookah pipes available right by the bar, a smoking session near the sea, and the beautiful beach of Ornos. Pasaji provides guests with a variety of special and vivid flavors that fill up the bar with enjoyable natural aromas.


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