If Mykonos is connected with luxury, elegance, and crazy parties in the popular imaginary, then Principote is the embodiment of what the whole island represents. On the northern coast of Mykonos, just 16 minutes from Mykonos airport and 20 minutes from Mykonos Town, the Principote Beach Bar looks like a temple for the worship of elegance. It is located on the picturesque beach of Panormos, one of the most sheltered beaches from the island’s strong winds, and one of the island’s designated nudist beaches. For staying in a luxury villa in Panormos Beach or elsewhere in Mykonos, click here.    

Principote, designed by the famous architect Athanasios Kyratsous, is more than impressive. Wood combines with rope and fabric, to create a graceful architectonic result. At the entrance of the beach club, a Mycenean-inspired statue is welcoming the worshippers of the sun and the beach and the luxury lovers in this temple of elegance.    

 Surrendering to the beach

In this refuge from the wild Aegean winds, the beauty of the Panormos beach touches the elegance of Principote’s luxurious facilities, providing its visitors a taste of paradise. Quench your thirst with a handcrafted signature cocktail under the handmade crochet umbrellas and decadent sunbeds. Relax in the hands of professional masseurs and enjoy a delightful meal from Principote Restaurant, on the beach, overlooking the golden sand of Panormos beach and the turquoise waters of the Aegean. For lovers of adventure, the Principote yacht will take you day trips to less accessible beaches or in the open sea, for snorkeling experiences inside Panormos’ fascinating underwater cosmos. For daily cruises in luxury, click here.  

The Principote Restaurant

A must-try gastronomic experience waits for you in the Principote Restaurant. Principote’s philosophy is best communicated here, through the Mediterranean flavors and aromas brought to you by artisan chefs, and talented pastry chefs. From the homemade bread in the wood-burning oven to the freshly baked pâte à choux, the fresh fish and vegetables, the top-quality meat, and the fine collection of wines and spirits, all bespeak of Principote’s quest of perfection as the royal avenue to pleasure. Everything here is handpicked with care from local and regional producers, to create a dining experience that awakens the senses. 

But that is not all! Principote Restaurant surprises with its sushi bar, which serves delightful dishes, made with an unexpected combination: fresh raw material taken from the Aegean Sea is transformed into delicious food, prepared from the Japanese perceptive of the cooking discipline. 

VIP guests can enjoy the gastronomic delight and indulge in the Mediterranean tastes and aromas of the Principote Restaurant, in a dedicated area, secluded from indiscreet eyes. 

Party in elegance

Parties at Principote can start anytime! Around 3-4 in the afternoon, the DJ takes over the decks, turns up the volume, and a whole range of dancing possibilities become wide open. The best ethnic and mainstream music, unending remixes, and popular soundtracks dominate the sound-scape of Principote Beach Club. The large deck area and even the long wooden tables of the Principote Restaurant are turned into dancing floors. Tourists, VIPs, and explorers mingle together, fueled by drinks, cocktails, and even shisha aromas, to form a colorful party crowd until the dark prevails for good. Don’t forget! Principote is the one place out of five in the world where you will find the rarest narghile designs, and its experienced shisha staff is there to help you indulge in your shisha session. 

Principote can become the venue to celebrate the most important moments of your life, either it is your wedding, your child’s baptism, your birthday party, or even parties to celebrate success, your business party, or life itself. Principote staff and experienced designers will make sure that your event will become one of the most cherished memories, for you and your guests. Leave your party plans to others, and enjoy your party with anxieties. For reliable concierge services, click here.    

Shopping for elegance 

In Agora, Principote’s shopping venue, you will find exclusive fashion, original luxury brands, and handcrafted accessories of premium quality, to dress you up in elegance for any time of the day or night. Here you will find unique dresses and jackets, modern swimwear and footwear to eccentric hats, bags, and sunglasses, even exceptional works of art, found in famous Greek museums. Why not take elegance with you?   


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