Let’s see some of the best villas you can find in Santorini, along with some luxurious yacht options that can create the perfect vacation!

Santorini is a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea that is known for its stunning sunsets, crystal-clear waters, and white-washed buildings perched on cliffs. It is a popular vacation destination, and there are many options for luxurious yachts and villas available for rent on the island.



In addition to real elegance and luxurious classic style, the Santorini Junior Suite, which is built into the Oia Cliffside, offers a stunning view. The Santorini Junior Suite has all the amenities you require for a comfortable, stress-free, and enjoyable stay. The Santorini Junior Suite offers stunning views of the Caldera, the Aegean Sea, and the famous Oia sunset. The bulk of the houses in this lovely, picturesque community, including Santorini Junior Suite, imitate Santorini’s characteristic architecture!

The Santorini Junior Suite includes a bedroom with a queen-size bed, a bathroom, a spacious lounge with a sofa bed, a stunning kitchen, and a separate balcony. Enjoy the private terrace’s heated Jacuzzi while admiring the Aegean Sea and the volcano’s mesmerizing views.

This paradise is available for vacation reservations here!



The Senior Suite is truly special! Despite the fact that it is a couple of miles from the busy streets of Oia, this magnificent suite combines the greatest architectural elegance and intriguing interior design with the continual breathtaking beauty of Santorini.

The Senior Suite, which stands out for its unrivaled amenities and services, can offer true VIP services with a separate bedroom, bathroom, spacious living area with kitchen, and distinctive private terrace with a special cave Jacuzzi.

From this particular terrace, you can see the Caldera, one of the scenes that is frequently captured on camera. The star of this picture is the renowned sunsets, which tourists from all over the world have documented on camera.

Reserve a couple of nights in this unique and luxurious suite here!



Spending a few days at this Pyrgos studio with your special someone is incredibly romantic.

The “Studio” in Pyrgos, a historical city, is a true jewel, and it has a breathtaking view that you won’t simply forget. Like most of the residents of this tiny village, you may enjoy the spectacular sunset from the garden in front of the “Studio.”

The distance between the secluded romantic retreat and Pyrgos’ Monastery, the island’s highest point, is only one kilometer.

A stylish bedroom with a queen bed and an “ensuite” shower bathroom are both included in the “Studio.” The studio has a modern kitchen that is fully functional. Everyone can enjoy the attractive “Studio’s” fusion of vintage and futuristic elements, which creates a very unique and fascinating atmosphere.

Book your peaceful and romantic vacation at Pyrgos Studio in Santorini here!

Don’t limit yourself to the activities and locations you can do on foot or by car, though, while you’re in Santorini.  To discover Santorini’s hidden gems, reserve a day trip aboard one of these luxurious yachts!


YACHTS azimut 80

Regarding the yacht’s unique features, the Azimut 80 has an overall length of 25.20 m/80 ft and is powered by two MTU 12V2000 engines. There is room for 20 people.

The living area behind the sun pad is ideal for basking in the sun while riding the waves or during a leisurely stop at one of the magnificent unspoiled turquoise-colored beaches of Mykonos.

The steering console on the flybridge makes a great entertainment area. The cockpit combines beauty and utility with roomy seats to provide a social environment that can produce precious moments. Utilizing the yacht’s complimentary Wi-Fi and satellite TV can make these social contacts even more enjoyable and comfortable. Regarding interior design, the Azimut 80’s underwater lights give nighttime sailing an exciting experience.

Book a trip with the luxurious Azimut 80 here!


YACHTS akhir 27

The whole length of Akhir 27 is nearly 27 m/87 ft. This lavish yacht has room for up to 25 passengers.

The interior and external designs of Akhir are what make it special. It is a yacht that was first constructed in 1996 and then remodeled in 2021, giving it a stylish yet modernized interior and the technological ability to go at 21 knots. The yacht’s relaxing area on the deck exhibits its tasteful design and is the ideal setting for social gatherings while sailing the stunning Myconian waters, sunbathing on the swimming platform or in the sun, and throwing spectacular parties while utilizing the fully functional outside bar of this extravagant yacht.

With five guest cabins, four unique bathrooms, and living accommodations for 25 visitors, Akhir 27 can offer a comfortable stay for all during day cruises around the hidden beauties of Mykonos.

View some photos of this luxurious yacht and book your dream cruise with Akhir 27 here!


YACHTS princess v65

With its huge sundecks, excellent access walk-around side decks, and a salon with a sliding top and sliding door that connects the salon to the deck outside, this yacht truly represents the image of a sports motor yacht. On the V65, three fully furnished cabins may accommodate up to twelve passengers for day trips. Inside, there is a lot of glass, curved wood, and concealed lighting.

You can stretch out, read a book, nap, get some vitamin D, or chill in the sun after swimming without having to enter the cockpit. It is perfect for a good view of the sunset or even the stars at night because you can lie down and wander about the anchor.

Experience an unforgettable daily cruise with Princess V65 here!



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