Mykonos or the island of winds, as locals use to call it, is one of the most popular summer destinations not only in Greece but all around the world, as well. Its natural beauty, its architecture, its people and of course its famous parties attract a huge number of visitors every year. We can say that Mykonos is not an ordinary island, but a place that can offer every visitor unique and unforgettable experiences. Therefore, one of the things we highly recommend you to try during your vacation on the island is a luxury daily cruise!

  From a Daily Cruise to a weekly Yacht Charter or last-minute transfer from island to island live the Absolute experience in your private yacht, and the ultimate relaxation, on board. Enjoy unforgettable events on Yacht with your tailor-made requests like a private chef, massage therapist, yoga instructors, and organized parties. Our crew will be aware of your exact preferences and will be tailored to your taste, from food and drinks to water activities. Dream your private moments and relax on board! Read more here


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