The most famous daily cruise in Mykonos you mustn’t miss is a cruise to ancient Delos island, and Rhenia.

The island of Delos is recognized by UNESCO as one of theWorld’s  Heritage.  After visiting Delos you can make a  stop in scenic Rhenia Island for a  swim in the light blue waters, snorkeling, and have fun with water toys like Seabob, Jet Board, Jetski. After you can have unique  traditional Mykonian tastes and nice prepared meals on  BBQ

 Regarding sight-seeing In  Delos before you visit it’s good to know some history of the ancient times, and the myth of God Apollo, God of light, and Goddess Artemis the Goddess of Hunting have been born there and they rendered this island sacred. After the birth of the two Gods, no human would ever be allowed to be born or to die there. All the known world of that time was well known of the sacredness of the island and its uniqueness.

Delos now is one of the most important archaeology sites of Greece.

About Rhenia, besides swimming in the unique light blue waters you can have the opportunity to view the ruins of the ancient Greek temples and Christian churches.

Rhenia island is one of the only islands on earth where you can see the ruins and same natural landscape as it was thousands of years ago.Booked now!


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