Take your chance to explore the Aegean with an amazing cruise! Here are a few ideas for amazing day trips starting from Mykonos.

Greetings, fellow explorers! Looking for the ideal place to go on vacation? Instead of reading through fliers, try looking up Greece, summery heaven, and the ideal location for a few leisurely days off. It can be difficult to decide where to go on vacation because of Greece’s abundance of natural beauty, diverse cultural aspects across the nation, and various chances for entertainment and leisure. But don’t restrict your choices!

With a fantastic voyage around the Cyclades in a luxurious FERRETTI YACHT, you have the opportunity to have a sneak glimpse at a number of locations. Every step of the way, the luxurious FERRETTI 59’s crew, and captain are there to make sure that each passenger has an enjoyable yet relaxing cruise!



The yacht will depart from Mykonos, Ornos, at 11:00 am. Ornos, a small attractive village 2 kilometers from Chora, is a lovely, tranquil village with a small port created especially to accommodate locals and a large number of luxurious yachts.

You will arrive at Naoussa, the capital of Paros, after an hour of sailing on a yacht and admiring the azure color of the Aegean Sea. There, you’ll get the chance to wander through the charming, small blue-and-white lanes of Paros and discover the traditional town of Naoussa.

The trip continues with a fantastic 45-minute journey to Panteronisia, a location halfway between Paros and Antiparos. There must be a diving stop! An incredible sight, Panteronisia’s turquoise waters resemble a Blue Lagoon just waiting to be discovered. Providing the ideal location for a cool swim and stunning summer photos that showcase Greek beauty!

The program offers a gentle ride alongside the cliffs for about 30 minutes after the Panteronisia investigation, a short excursion that provides an amazing view from the yacht. The cruise, however, would not be perfect without a culinary tour of the local dishes. The following stop is at a little eatery called Captain Pipino, which is close to the water in the southern area of Antiparos. With the finest ingredients sourced from nearby markets, skilled chefs can prepare a wonderful and satisfying supper for you.

Disembarkation often occurs at around 8. Following a conversation with the captain, the itinerary of the voyage can be modified to suit the tourists’ interests!

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Starting around 11:00 am, this leisurely yacht trip takes you through some of Greece’s most popular tourist destinations. The yacht leaves from the Mykonos village of Ornos.

During the first hour of your tour, the yacht travels through the Aegean Sea along with the gentle sound of the waves. The well-known Paros central city of Naoussa is the first destination.

However, it is definitely time for a cool bath to escape the hot sun of the Greek summers before continuing to explore Naoussa. And what better place to go swimming than the Monastery?! A  beach with waters that are crystal clear, reasonably shallow for individuals who prefer not to swim in deep waters, and mostly family-friendly. You could decide to stop for some sightseeing en route and view the Monastery of St. John’s of Deti, a typical Mycenaean temple.

After stopping, we slowly cruise the rest of the way. The yacht stops in the marina of Naoussa, where the visitors may take in the spectacular view of the island as the yacht enters the harbor, with the classic white and blue homes covering the hill. The visitors can then continue their exploration of Naoussa, stroll through the picturesque alleyways of the island and enjoy a delicious lunch at a traditional tavern.  You can refuel with a fantastic dinner and some downtime before the rest of our journey!

The beach “Kolibithres”, the ideal location for an afternoon swim, is the next stop and one of our visitors’ favorites. It is regarded as a rather unusual beach because the sand is often buried behind sizable slabs of granite that, as a result of the waves, have developed beautiful and unusual shapes. This is undoubtedly a captivating sight to behold when swimming. After your evening swim, the yacht makes a leisurely hour-long cruise back to Mykonos as you enjoy an unforgettable Greek sunset.  The ship will disembark at 7:00.

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The starting point of the voyage is a two-hour, leisurely yacht ride to Kato Koufonisi. Kato Koufonisi is a member of Koufonisia, on the southern side of Naxos. The yacht pulls into a stunning harbor that is like a fantasy, complete with golden sand, private beaches, and crystal-clear waters.

This stop offers time for a leisurely sunbath, but it also appeals to thrill-seekers who want to partake in the excitement of water sports. These include a wakeboard or kneeboard, as well as a seabob.

The voyage proceeds with a 20-minute cruise to Schinoussa, a small peaceful island that is stunning! It is located southwest of Koufonisia. At the elegant Greek tavern Nikolas in Schinoussa, you may have an exquisite traditional Greek lunch. If you want to swim a little longer while visiting Schinoussa, feel free to check out some of the Cyclades’ most stunning natural landscapes free from human interference. Livadi and Tsigouri are some of the most popular attractions in the area of Schinoussa. Around 8:00 p.m., the disembarkation normally takes place.

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