When the hectic routine of a busy lifestyle starts becoming stressful, especially during the hot months of the year, it is only natural for someone to start looking for the perfect relaxation getaway! And scrolling through tourist destinations, I bet Mykonos, Greece, has made its way into plenty of these sites.

And what better way to experience a Greek island than to pay a visit to one of the hottest clubs on the entire island. Dear paradise seekers, I introduce you, TROPICANA.

Tropicana is a dream-like place combining a beach bar, a club, a restaurant, and the natural beauty of Mykonos, located at one of the most famous beaches throughout the island, known as Paradise Beach, on the south part of Mykonos, less than 6km away from Mykonos Town.


Tropicana lives up to its reputation as it is considered one of the hottest clubs on the island! And if guests do not want to take my word for it, the place Tropicana has gathered at a world-class rating by Travel Channel as one of the Sexiest Beach Bars surely makes a case of itself!

Up till 4:30 Tropicana gives out the impression of a normal, yet beautiful and highly entertaining beach club, that allows its guests to drink their coffee & beverage or have a delicious brunch, while they enjoy a joyful time tanning under the Greek sun, relaxing at the spacious, comfortable lounges or having a swim at the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean sea. At 4:30 time stops at Tropicana and a switch of the mood takes place! The DJ slowly walks up the stage, a crowd forms at the dance floor, Tropicana transforms into a club and the party begins! Refreshing drinks or juices, and creative cocktails make everyone give up on their sits and join the dancing bodies rocking along with the rhythm of the hype music DJ blasts through the club.

One can meet not only normal clubbers but also sexy professional dancers, well-known artists, celebrities, and spokespersons that are there to keep the party going and create the relaxing mood and freedom sense that everyone is looking for on the perfect vacation on Mykonos.

As for the music, team Argy & Terry, one of the most talented DJ duos based on Mykonos, never disappoint the guests, with entertaining and, most importantly, dance-filled sets, as well as, guest DJs from around the world that come to “spice up” everyone’s night!


Tropicana does not only care for its guests’ entertainment but also does its best to satisfy everyone’s appetite with mouthwatering meals that give the essence of a Greek gastronomical experience with Greek-originated ingredients, including surf and turf options. At the same time, Tropicana offers a variety of simple but delicious and filling comfort foods that can satisfy every picky eater, with club sandwiches and burgers (with side fries) being on the list of the most recommended meals someone can enjoy while having the perfect day at the Paradise Beach!


For guests that want to get in the right mood for a day at Tropicana or let themselves be carried away by the music, tune in to the radio station of Tropicana, and let loose to the beats that make up Mykonos sound! This radio is an ambitious project of Tropicana that provides listeners with all the hot chart music daily all year long! (It is available on iTunes, Google Play, as well as, the official site of Tropicana)


Tropicana makes it easy for their guests to book an amazing day or night, through their website, giving a detailed map of the spacious Tropicana with a chance to state their preferences and create the perfect customized VIP experience.

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