Every tourist dreams of a day devoted just to relaxation, without the nuances of the hectic stressful daily agenda. This day is the whole vibe and lifestyle of a summer on the Greek islands and more specifically, Mykonos, one of the most famous Greek islands worldwide, that according to visitors, definitely lives up to its reputation.

When organizing that dream-like relaxing day, consider spending it at one of Mykonos’s alluring beaches, that make up the beauties of the island, in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings of Mykonos. Every local and tourist will recommend a booking at KALUA for that perfect day at the beach!

Kalua is one of the most famous beach bars in Mykonos, known for its vibes that combine relaxation with the Greek party spirit! Kalua is located on the southeast side of the island, on Paraga Beach, less than 6 km away from Mykonos town, less than a fifteen-minute ride for the perfect beach day!


Kalua is considered an idyllic place for a day laying under the hot Greek sun creating the perfect tan that hints at the days spent at the Myconian paradise. Not to mention being only a breath away from the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea, able to take a refreshing swim at any moment. Kalua, also,  the perfect spot for swimming as its position on Paraga Beach secures the beach bar from the crazy blasts of wind that are a regular phenomenon in Mykonos.

Kalua offers guests many options of sitting spots for their convenience according to their preferences and style. Group bungalows for large groups of friends are available, as well as, front row cabanas for that undisturbed view of the waves or regular, yet extremely comfortable, single sunbeds.  A day at the beach cannot be complete without the necessary snack breaks from relaxation. There is a specific beach menu that includes salads, tasty finger foods, and some top-class sushi options, along with the necessary beverages and drinks to “spice up” the mood.

Kalua, also, provides guests with the perfect company for a relaxing day at the beach along with delicious snacks: the ultimate shisha experience! Kalua’s menu consists of a wide variety of flavors with the best quality of tobaccos and steam stones. If a guest has not tried before and would like to explore that shisha experience or would like to experiment with new flavors, a shisha expert is always available to help the guests with insightful recommendations.


On the golden sand of Kalua, one will not find only sunbeds, but also DJs and artists giving incredible performances with the company of saxophone tunes, creating the perfect atmosphere to start a beach party and get everyone on their feet for dance and sing along! The main performers of Kalua are the well-known and awarded singer and performer Shaya, as well as, Tiago, a master of the saxophone leading guests on a journey with his mellow rhythms.

Kalua is also able to host some of its guests’ more important life moments, like bachelorette/bachelor parties, wedding receptions, post-wedding parties, and even extravagant birthday parties.  Kalua promises to make these moments unforgettable by planning the events while taking into account guests’ personalities, styles, and preferences, making their dream come true in every single detail!


Kalua does not only care about the guests’ relaxation but also wants to ensure they feel comfortable and confident! Thus, Kalua Boutique was created to assemble stylish outfits that will make every couple of eyes turn and stare while guests explore the Myconian alleys or the wild nightlife of the island. In this Boutique guests can find fashion items, that suit both women and men, made by famous international and local designers. Swimsuits and bikinis, summer coverups, and dresses that will turn Kalua Beach into a fashion runway!  Kalua Boutique, also, has a spectacular, eye-catching, and enviable collection of jewelry and accessories that will complete and take the guests’ outfits to the next level.

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