Let’s have a look at some of the best ways you can experience a day trip in Antiparos! Explore the island and cruise on a luxurious yacht!

In the South Aegean, there is a small, beautiful Greek island called Antiparos. Due to its small size, it’s a perfect location for a day trip if you’re visiting Paros or other surrounding islands. Antiparos is an island full of opportunities to experience the authentic Greek Summer. You can take a luxurious yacht and look around the island’s gorgeous beaches, take a stroll through the narrow Greek-style alleys, and have a gastronomical experience out of this world


You can relax or have a drink while viewing the sunset if you prefer a quiet nightlife. Sifneiko, which is by the sea, is among the finest locations for this.

Cool music, delicious cocktails, and Antiparos’ most breathtaking dusk.



You can appreciate a number of beaches in Antiparos.  The best beaches to explore in Antiparos are Soros and Agios Giorgos, which are located on the southern side of the island. It is possible to spend the entire day at the organized seashore of Soros. You can choose to relax with a drink in one of the inviting lounges or have lunch at the eatery, which serves fish and fresh salads. Agios Giorgos is a peaceful area of Antiparos and the starting place for trips to the Despotiko island and archaeological site.



Antiparos’ Chora, or main town, spreads along a gorgeous pedestrian street lined with stores and stunning Cycladic homes. The majority of them are embellished with vibrant bougainvillea. It is a village that has been brightened by delicious artisan stores, lovely tavernas, and cafés.

You can get to Antiparos’ square and the ancient castle by continuing to walk until the end of the road. The tiny fortress is hidden in the middle of the community and makes for a tranquil stroll. The main plaza, where a charming café is located beneath a century-old tree, serves as the community’s primary gathering place.

Now let’s look at some of the best yacht options that can get you around the island and guarantee you a comfortable and entertaining cruise!


Ferretti 48 Flybridge

The Ferretti 48 Flybridge offers speed, comfort, and luxury along with safety while on the sea. With two seating spaces and a direct exit to the fly-bridge sunbed area, it offers a spacious interior. To maximize contact between the interior and exterior, glass dividers between the interior and cockpit can be removed. A sound system is available in every space for entertainment. Its spacious, luxurious cockpit can be used for meetings, activities, or just relaxing.  Three large cabins on the Ferretti 48 Flybridge, each with its own bathroom, can comfortably accommodate up to six people with five different resting/sleeping areas.

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Cruiser Yacht 60 Express

Cruiser Yacht 60 Express is a top-notch American sports yacht with a unique profile and spacious interiors. The 60 Express dedicates the whole main deck to entertainment, with an open-plan interior packed with modern comforts, offering no less than five inviting venues, stretching from the bow to the swimming platform, each with a fully equipped sound system, a fully stocked bar and kitchen, access to water sports, and other amenities.

The yacht consists of three spacious cabins, each with two bathrooms ensuite and a large lower sitting space, comfortably accommodating up to six people in four different spaces.

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primatist g41

The ground-breaking Primatist G41 was created for people who wanted to combine their love of the water and elegant, luxury aesthetics.

The ideal speedboat for traveling from one island to another or for escaping to the exotic seaside resorts and enchanted Greek beaches. With access to water sports and other amenities, two spacious sun decks, queen-sized sunbeds, and a huge opening sunroof. Primatist G41 provides a fully equipped music system for your entertainment.  As for accommodation, it offers two cabins with two ensuite bathrooms, accommodating up to four people, being the ideal place to spend time with friends or family.

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ferretti altura 52s

Performance and style are combined with superior nautical knowledge and safety requirements in the motor yacht Ferretti Altura 52s. This yacht has every component required for enjoyable cruising. Every need for personal safety and comfort is met on board by top-notch distinctive features. Modern engineering ensures structural integrity and exceptional performance, the right blend of lively speed and responsive handling, offers a smooth, powerful Ferretti ride. It can accommodate up to six people in three different spaces, all equipped with the necessary amenities in order to make your accommodation comfortable.

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princess42 flybridge

Princess 42 Flybridge is the perfect yacht if you’re looking for luxury. You have access to the main deck and the sun deck, each of which includes a queen-sized sun bed.

Moreover, a spacious flybridge with large seating space and a cozy sunbed ensures your relaxation.

The luxurious Princess 42 Flybridge Yacht has two cabins with two ensuite bathrooms, two sitting rooms (internal and external), able to accommodate up to four people. Regarding your entertainment during your relaxing cruise, Princess 42 provides a fully supplied bar and galley and a fully equipped music system among other facilities.

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