Looking for the best sunset spots in Santorini? We are pretty sure you knew that the island of Santorini has some of the most captivating views and scenery in the world! With its jaw-dropping landscapes and perfect volcanic cone-shaped volcano, it is no wonder why Santorini is one of the most sought-after destinations. If you’re planning a visit to this awe-inspiring island, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will be sharing with you some of our top tips on where to find the best sunset spots in Santorini.


Every year, millions of professional photographers, Instagrammers, everyday couples, and nature enthusiasts visit Oia to gaze at and capture the breathtakingly colorful and spectacular scenery. The old castle, which is situated on the border of the hamlet, offers some excellent views of the whitewashed houses of Caldera with the traditional light blue features and the windmills, an image that can perfectly sum up Santorini’s beauty. Even though you will still have to contend with hundreds of other photographers and selfie-takers, arrive early to secure the best spot. The people who claim that the crowds destroy the experience are numerous, but the show is worth a few hours of minor discomfort.

You can also experience Oia’s breathtaking sunset from the comfort of your own home by choosing the Junior Suite, one of the most luxurious villas located in the cliffside of Oia.


You can select from a wide range of boat tours that provide you with the chance to see a 360-degree sunset. The boat tours usually start in the afternoon and make brief stops at some of the most well-known attractions, like the volcanic Hot Springs and the Red Beah. Watching the sunset by the sea gives the impression of being in the closest proximity to the location where the sun sinks into the water.

You can book this tour of the famous Santorini spots and spectacular sunset here!


Finikia is one of Santorini’s most stunning sunset locations. It is a small, picturesque village just one kilometer from the center of Oia village. A few restaurants offer their terraces to customers who want to experience the sunset while taking a respite from the bustle of modern life. Lefkes, a renowned traditional restaurant famous for its delectable, authentic Greek cuisine, is one of our highly suggested dining establishments.


Even while Oia is the most well-known sunset location in Santorini, Imerovigli provides just as magnificent, and occasionally even more so, views of the sun as it slowly descends into the Aegean sea.


Built in 1892 and positioned on top of a cliff in the southern region of Santorini, the Akrotiri Lighthouse is 18 kilometers from Fira. Despite the fact that the building is off-limits to the public, there are a number of people relaxing and taking in the exquisite landscape on the rocks that surround the sea or atop the external wall.

If you are planning a visit to the island of Santorini, then you must make sure to visit the best sunset spots! We are sure that after reading this article, you would be more excited than ever to visit this amazing island. Santorini has, even more, to offer to its tourists and we hope you can gain these unforgettable experiences on your trip (apart from some amazing photographs).



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