Let’s see some of the top bars in the Greek paradise of Mykonos, where you can enjoy your night with a relaxing drink!

Aside from enjoying some downtime at the island’s attractive beaches and a wonderful lunch at one of the country’s many authentic Greek restaurants, Mykonos is known throughout the world for its vibrant and wildly entertaining nightlife.


On the western side of Mykonos, near Chora, the island’s capital is where you can find the Scandinavian bar disco. The distance to the Mykonos harbor is less than 4 kilometers. A five-minute drive will also take you to Little Venice, which is just near Mykonos’s charming old port. Little Venice is a charming area of Mykonos that blends the Italian city of Venice’s architecture with some traditional Greek features that shine in the setting sun. The Scandinavian bar-disco blends seamlessly well with the blue and white exteriors of the buildings and the elegance of the Cycladic design to form a part of the lovely Myconian traditional lanes.

The Skandinavian bar layout offers visitors numerous chances to customize their ideal “Greek by night” experience to suit their preferences. It is made up of many spaces with various emotions. There are three separate bars, to be more precise. Downstairs, there are two bars with a courtyard that is artistically and traditionally designed.

Additionally, there is an upstairs room that has a bar and a large dance floor. This space frequently fills up with people dancing and singing along to the music, which intensifies the party atmosphere.  Speaking about music, DJs and musicians from all over the world ensure that the party goes on all summer long.  Jazzy, and hype playlists play until the sun comes up, making it the best place to dance with a group of friends, or just have a drink with your partner.

Of course, the Greek drinking culture is an essential component of the real Greek nightlife experience. This bar-disco has a wide selection of beverages, cocktails, and drinks that can “spice up” the atmosphere. The welcoming staff is prepared to suggest both traditional selections that will suit everyone’s preferences and brand-new inventive beverages that are crafted by highly skilled and seasoned bartenders.


For a leisurely all-day drink, take a 10-minute drive to Scarpa Bar in Mykonos Town, on the western part of the island, which is near the old port and 4 kilometers from the new port.

Scarpa is a place to have fun all day long. It can give visitors a genuine taste of what a Greek cafe is like in the morning. The menu offers excellent snacks, fresh fruit juices, delicious breakfast snacks, and high-quality coffee (don’t forget to taste the traditional Greek coffee!).

The atmosphere around Scarpa shifts at night. The environment changes into a Greek rave party. Naturally, Scarpa’s menu varies, and now it’s time for the drinks and cocktails to “spice up” the evening! The menu offers a wide selection of vintage cocktails that will please even the pickiest guests.

The menu offers a wide selection of vintage cocktails that will please even the pickiest guests.   Scarpa as the day goes on and midnight approaches! People are drawn into the Greek vibrant nightlife that every visitor must experience, as the small little stylish resort café or bar transforms into a bustling disco that can shake things up in Little Venice. Scarpa cranks up the huge, top-notch sound system till the sun rises again the following day in order to get everyone dancing to the beats of house music.  Famous DJs and exceptionally gifted local artists will provide a fantastic evening out!


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180˚ Sunset Bar is in Mykonos’ Chora, the island’s downtown. The distance from the island’s main port is about 3 km, and there are two ways to get there: by car (8 minutes), or on a lovely 15-minute walk through the classic idyllic narrow alleys with the distinctive white and blue features in the classic houses, which give the whole experience the authentic Cycladic Myconian feel.

180 Sunset Bar was strategically positioned to provide a breathtaking view of Mykonos Town without any other distractions or structures in the way. Simple yet stylish wooden lounges placed on various levels up the hill and a classic Myconian windmill right next to the bar, which has been tastefully decorated, make the establishment blend harmoniously with its surroundings and give the impression that it is a part of the island’s natural landscape.

The 180 Sunset Bar offers more than just a breathtaking view. A cool drink is a wonderful companion in every situation. The menu at the bar offers a wide variety of fruity, inventive, as well as vintage classic drinks that will “spice up” everyone’s mood and heighten their sense of relaxation while enjoying a genuine Myconian vacation. Everyone will also advise trying out new flavors and the bar’s distinctive 180 drinks, which are skillfully crafted by the staff of professional, extremely knowledgeable, and hospitable mixologists/bartenders. The 180 Sunset Bar offers an excellent selection of vintage wines, including well-known white, rose, and red varieties, as well as champagne and sparkling wine alternatives, for those with more refined tastes.

Never consume alcohol on its own; always pair it with some mouthwatering treats. The menu at 180 Sunset Bar features a wide selection of appetizers, creative salad options, and delicious desserts. 180 Sunset Bar dishes blend fine dining with minor components of Greek cuisine to create an experience that makes your mouth water. With the addition of funky music performed by some of Mykonos’ top DJs, 180 Sunset Bar creates the ideal sunset experience. Everyone will sing and dance, making that evening one to remember!



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